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Our Sustainablity Aims at Fifields Construction

We have put in place mulitple sustainablity strategies for our headquarters in Exeter and our additional business unit in Taunton. Throughout this blog, we will look at ways we're being more sustainable as a business in the Southwest.

  1. The Installation of Solar PV at our HQ.

More than three years ago, we made the decision to install solar PV at our headquarters in Exeter. This has proven to be one of our most beneficial decisions. We are now able to save annually on our electric bills, reduce our carbon footprint, demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, and utilize solar power to charge our electric vehicles during daylight hours.

2. The Introduction of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

At Fifields Construction, we operate two electric vehicles and three hybrid vehicles. Our Contracts Managers use these vehicles for traveling to and from sites, ensuring that harmful emissions are not being produced. Reducing travel times and emissions is a significant priority for us.

3. Energy-efficient site cabins

Our site cabins are equipped with low-power LED lighting, solar power, and PIR detection. Not only does this result in long-term cost savings, but it also exemplifies our dedication to operating as a sustainable business. Given that our site cabins are utilized for extended periods throughout the day, implementing sustainable measures is of paramount importance.

4. Members of the Devon County Council's 'Green Accord' scheme

At Fifields Construction, we have achieved a 'Green Accord' accreditation from the Devon County Council due to our impressive recycling rate. This demonstrates our dedication to contributing to a healthier environment.

We're always looking for more ways to become more sustainable as a Southwest business.

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