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Our multi-disciplinary workforce is highly experienced in building and maintaining premium properties, having worked with us over many years on public, private and commercial projects across Devon and the surrounding area.



Fifields are a specialist restoration subcontractor with an extensive portfolio of prestigious clients. We’ve worked on some of Devon's most iconic landmarks, which include monuments, buildings of note and many historic buildings.

We offer a complete solution for your external restoration needs and a wealth of highly skilled craftsmen. 


Grendon Road, Almshouses

Fifields Construction Ltd has a long standing relationship with Exeter. Homes Trust and its always great to work with them. Fifields
Construction had the opportunity to remodel The Grendon Road Almshouses. To mark the start of the project with a "breaking the soil" ceremony, Fifields Construction Ltd were pleased to welcome members of Exeter Homes Trust to site, along with The Lord Mayor of Exeter, Cllr Yolonda Henson, and residents of the Almshouses.
The remodel has been designed to sympathetically integrate into the existing building while providing new modern kitchens and wet rooms and upgrading communal areas. This project is still in progress and we're looking forward to seeing the end result.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 16.04.08.png

Atwill Palmer Almshouses

Client: Exeter Homes Trust Value: £2.6m
Location: Exeter
Architect: Russ Palmer Architects

The project entailed upgrading and restoring 24 Grade II listed
19th-century almshouse apartments, including constructing new two-story
extensions on the rear of the building. The works involved demolishing
the one-story additions from the 1960s at the back and replacing them
with energy-efficient two-floor extensions with pitched roofs.
Internally, the refurbishment encompassed the existing buildings,
applying new rendering to the extensions, installing glazing, floor
finishes and decorations throughout. During the project, new mechanical
and electrical services were provided including underfloor heating,
modern shower rooms, en-suite toilets and kitchens.

At Fifields Construction, we're fortunate enough to have our own M&E
services company, which will effectively reduce costs and hassle from
third parties.

The end result has left residents with modern, energy-efficient housing,
upgrading the apartments while retaining the distinctive character of a
historically important building.

Mag Almshouses.png

Magdalen Almshouses

Client: Value: Location: Architect:
Exeter Homes Trust £998k

In 2015, Fifields Construction Ltd were instructed to undertake a
large-scale refurbishment and remodelling scheme at the historic
Magdalen Road Almshouses.

The works were split into separate phases, with the first phase
comprising the demolition of the existing four ground-floor extensions.
Internal refurbishments of the eight ground-floor flats were completed,
which included new secondary double glazing, mechanical & electrical
services, kitchens and bathrooms. The second phase comprised the
conversion and remodelling from eight into five first-floor flats,
providing two-bedroom flats with larger living areas.

The end result gave vulnerable people an upgraded and modern
accommodation. Fifields Construction Exeter were pleased to work on this
project alongside Exeter Homes Trust.

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