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Firas Certified: Everything You Need to Know

At Fifields Construction in Exeter and Taunton, we take great pride in being FIRAS-certified. But what exactly does that mean? FIRAS certification is a rigorous standard designed to ensure that fire protection work carried out meets the highest quality and safety standards. It provides our clients with the assurance that our work is not only compliant but also competent.

One of the key features of FIRAS certification is the requirement for continuous assessment. This involves annual audits of our office management systems and random inspections of our installation work to ensure ongoing compliance and quality of workmanship. All FIRAS-certified companies are listed on the FIRAS register, a comprehensive database that identifies which companies are certified and competent to install FIRAS doors.

So, what are the advantages of using FIRAS-certified installers? For contractors, FIRAS certification demonstrates a clear commitment to quality and safety. For construction clients, it provides assurance that fire safety installations are carried out by a competent company that adheres to the latest standards, thereby enhancing overall building safety.

At Fifields Construction, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality FIRAS installations that enhance overall building safety.

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