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Expanding Lampard Community School in Barnstaple

The construction of a new build two-storey accommodation block, multi-games area and associated works.

Location: Barnstaple, Devon.

In 2021, we were awarded a project at the Lampard Community School, Barnstaple to undertake ‘Phase A’ comprising the internal refurbishment of the existing school and the replacement of the existing roof overlay.

Following the successful completion of ‘Phase A’. We were selected for the following Phases (B & C) which commenced in January 2022.

The Phase B works comprised the construction of a newly built two-storey accommodation block, with associated hard landscaping and the relocation of the soft play area and sensory trail. The new build is comprised of a brickwork superstructure with new roof coverings, windcatchers and an external staircase to the flat roof.

The Phase C works comprised the conversion of the existing changing rooms into a single medical room. Alteration works to the music store were completed, creating a new entrance to the new extension. Additional works also included the conversion of the existing drama room into a new Library/ICT area.

The works were completed both in-term and out of term time. The school is catered to children aged 5-16. Working in sensitive areas such as schools requires extensive planning and preparation to ensure that the requirements of the building are fully accommodated and understood. The additional vulnerability of the children at the school required us to undertake this project with extensive care and consideration.

Through the efforts of our site team and the close coordination of all those involved, we were able to deliver this extensive project in a safe and effective manner, delivering a high-quality finish.

The staff and pupils of the school were pleasant and helpful throughout the contract phase and we hope that the local community benefits from this fantastic project we were honoured to be involved with.

It's always great to see the result after each project, and the reactions from our clients. At Fifields Construction, we enjoy delivering dream designs and knowing we've made a difference within our local community.

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