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SW Forensics Challenge Coin Award

Congratulations to Site Manager, Jack Seatherton, for the award and the recognition he has received from the SW Forensic Services. Jack received the award for his contribution to their services during the challenging times faced through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jack was appointed the position of site manager for the project at Middlemore Police Station, which comprised the strip out and refurbishment of 2 buildings, along with the construction of a new extension and refurbishment of the existing chemical laboratories at the SSU Building.

New fire stopping and fire prevention works were completed, including new fire rated door sets which were installed and signed off by Fifields under FIRAS.

The project was carried out whilst the police station remained open and accessible with Fifields Construction accommodating the Police Force and their specific requirements.

Jack has been awarded the SW Forensics Challenge Coin in recognition of his contribution, resilience and hard work throughout the project.

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